I am a movie buff. Sometimes to the extreme as those who know me would say.  I can site and watch movies all day rather than go outside, even now…I am on the road travelling with my wife and I still sit and watch at least 3 a day.

Now I know I should be out there doing other things but the entertainment industry has been my thing for so long.  I have tried to make some of my own video clips which you can watch on youtube HERE.

My favorite genre is Science Fiction but I am open to all and have spent a small fortune on movies of all types.  That’s why I decided to create this blog (if not just to get away from the tv for a while) to maybe spread my personal take on movies and to help anyone with the decision to but or not to buy that specific film.

This site will range from movies just released to movies from the 50’s on up.  The images found on here come from IMDB (studio promotional shots and promo poster covers) and screen shots while watching.  The reviews are my personal review after having watched the film and are genuine, not coerced by anyone.  I want everyone to know what I consider good films, one that belong in your collection and mine, the ‘Watch Again Collection’  Good or bad, here they are…

If you are a studio, producer or entertainment company and would like to either advertise here or give away promo’s for our user you may use the contact me page.  I will however continue to review the way I see it, genuine and not coerced by anyone.