211, 2018 film starring Nicolas CageSophie Skelton and Michael Rainey Jr.  Another sub par film from Cage, what is going on with you lately?

Mike Chandler (Cage) is cop on the verge of retirement, his son-in-law is his partner and his daughter doesn’t speak to him anymore!  One morning on routine patrol, along with their ride-along, the stumble onto a bank heist perpetrated by several mercenaries from Afghanistan looking to get their owed money to them.  They also bring more firepower than a squad of soldiers.  The result is a massive shootout between the bad guys and the good guys.

This entire film, to me, was built around one giant shootout!  Don’t get me wrong, that part was pretty good and fairly realistic looking.  Dead people, burning cars and bullets whizzing all over the place.  Cage was top billed in this film but his character was shared equally with the others.  The acting from Cage I thought was not up to the standards he set for himself.  To me it seemed he was trying too hard to act and it came off in the opposite spectrum.  I have always like Cage but the last three or four film I have seen with him have just not been good.  The bad guys, there acting was ok, you can’t really go wrong toting a machine gun killing people and swearing!  The story was also just ok, it just seemed like there was not as much or good direction from York Alec Shackleton, the director.  All in, this does not get a passing grade, sorry Cage, try being a bit more picky with your rolls.