Air Force One

Air Force One, 1997 film starring Harrison FordGary Oldman and Glenn Close.  High flying terrorism against the POTUS.

After giving a speech in Moscow on how the US will never negotiate with terrorists Air Force One, carrying the president (Ford), his wife and daughter is quickly hijacked by dissidents who want the release of their leader Radek.  The president hides within the plane and the hijackers think he escaped in the pod that was jettisoned during the battle.  Now the hijackers demand the release of Radek or every half hour a hostage will be killed.  Now it’s up to the Vice President (Close) to ‘negotiate’ with the terrorists while the president finds a way to take back the plane!

I thought this was a very good action film.  The casting choices were excellent.  I think they could have cast the VP with a better candidate.  I don’t mind Glenn Close but in this one her acting wasn’t quite believable all the time.  The visuals were just ok, you could tell cgi was being used near the end when the plane hit the water.  I will give them a break though, cgi was still fairly new in the 90’s.  The story was believable, that is if you think someone in the ranks of the secret service could actually betray his country.  As far as a president being able to do what this one did, hardly likely but not out of the realm of possibilities.  Over all, very entertaining film that I have now seen several times.  That’s a good testament to these film makers.