Airport 1970

Airport 1970, 1970 film starring  Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, George Kennedy, Jacqueline Bisset and more.  The beginning of disaster films.

The lives of several people who have nothing to do with each other come together when a bomber blows a hole in their 747 mid flight.  From a stowaway to a horrible snow storm that could affect their landing the crew and passengers are in for a ride they wont soon forget.

I was just eight when this came out and remember seeing it when it came on tv.  I was always interested in planes and to add disaster to the mix was pretty cool to see for a young boy.  The cast of actors were seen on many tv films and theater releases back then so their popularity was high which made this a must see for a lot of people.  Who knew Dean Martin could act in a serious role! Though his acting wasn’t top shelf.

The premise was fresh, for this time period of course.  The story was great and even re-watching it now you were stuck to the screen, hoping the plane would make it.  I know it was tough in those days to make an epic disaster film as the technology was no where near it is today.  Kennedy and Lancaster were both great in this film and Kennedy plays recurring roles in the future sequels.

There were a lot of separate stories going on but it was not hard to keep up with them.  Helen Hayes was great and even won an Oscar for her performance.  I believe they were also nominated for another nine Oscars as well.  This film is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially the younger generation because they are so used to the big budget CGI blockbusters of today, but for someone who appreciates these classics it is great.

After the success of this film they did make several others and they got better with their effects.  Great entertainment from the good old days!