American Renegades

American Renegades, 2017 film starring J.K. Simmons, Sullivan Stapleton and Charlie Bewley.  Somewhat interesting film about finding old Nazi treasure.

A team of Navy Seals operating out of Bosnia during the mid nineties stumble across a large cache of Nazi gold sitting about a hundred and fifty feet below water in a Bosnian lake.  The lake is in enemy territory so the seals go at night with a plan to get the gold out in eight hours.  The problem, the gold weighs approximately 27 tonnes and floating above is Petrovic, the enemy who seeks to kill them all for kidnapping his General.

In some ways this was an ok action film but only in some ways.  The story was flawed in many ways.  For instance I could not believe that five men and one woman could lift 27 tonnes of gold with only a few balloons full of air!  There would be no way!  Also, the sunken town was just about still in tacked!!  If the dam had been blown as the film showed then the amount of water rushing down would have destroyed the little town, especially the church with it’s steeple.

The acting was ok but filled with largely unknown actors (to me at least) except for Simmons.  Actually, Simmons gave this film it’s strength and comic relief.  If he had not been in this I fear it would have tanked worse that it did.

Now, it does have some good points, which kept me interested in seeing it through.  The visual effects were very well made and the underwater scenes were well done, well, except for the raising of the gold!(I still can’t believe that it is possible)  The action scenes were ok but some unrealistic.  I refer to the tank scenes.

In all, I am not disappointed that I sat and watched it but I will not see it more than the once.  You decide!