Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow, 1996 film starring John TravoltaChristian Slater and Samantha Mathis.  Love that phrase ” I don’t know what I am more concerned about, the fact that we have lost a nuclear weapon or it happens so often there is a term for it!”  

US air force pilot Deakins (Travolta) manages to steal two nuclear weapons from a test flight he was on.  Hale (Slater) who was not only duped by Deakins but ejected from the fighter jet he was co-piloting just before it crashed.  Hale, with the help of Terry (Mathis), a park ranger, tries to hunt down Deakins and his gang and try and steal back the weapons before they are used.

Very entertaining action film by Travolta and Slater. I don’t know why the critics gave this film at best a six out of ten, it was good.  Travolta played quite the crazy bad guy and Slater can be very good in an action roll and made a great hero in this one.  To top it off you had Mathis who acted very well in this film.  The story was good, hopefully not something that could happen but you just never know.  There were no really fancy visuals in this film, flying and crashing the jet was about it but hey, this was still the nineties.  They filmed this in beautiful desert regions that I recognized like Utah and Arizona in the United States.

So, as action flicks go from the 90’s, this one was up there and should be seen.  As the actors all meshed together nicely it made for a good, entertaining couple of hours.