Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction, 1996 film starring Keanu ReevesMorgan Freeman and Rachel Weisz.  Some of his early action flicks are possibly Reeves best films.

Eddie (Reeves) is part of a research group who successfully develop alternative energy.  The energy is cheap and they want to give it to the world.  Unknown to the group it has been funded and overseen by a government organization that now wants to keep this to themselves.  Their reasoning, economies around the world would collapse and we would be thrust into chaos!  The real reason, the world is dependent on oil and if it is no longer needed they cannot control us.  So Eddie and his group are framed, killed off and kidnapped.  Eddie and scientist Lily Sinclair (Weisz) go on the run and are hunted down by Shannon (Freeman), head of the organization that wants to keep the invention quiet and all to themselves.

Reeves plays a great roll in this film as does Weisz.  Their acting was spot on.  Freeman did as well however he was one of the bad guys, something you don’t see too often from him.  The supporting cast, Fred Ward, Kevin Dunn and Brian Cox were also stellar in this film.  Combine them with the leads and you just can not go wrong.  The story was pretty good too, not fully unique but still good.  There was lots of action scenes some requiring CGI such as when the facility blew up near the beginning and they did a decent job of that.  The action combined with the who done it and a strong cast made this an enjoyable two hours.  Put it on your ‘watch again’ list, this film is entertaining and should easily stand the test of time.



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