Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage, 2002 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Leguizamo and Francesca Neri.  Terrorists be warned, piss off the wrong person and look out!

Brewer (Schwarzenegger) see his wife and son killed by a terrorist trying to make a statement.  He can not let it go so he begins looking into how to get the man.  He heads off to Columbia in search of him.  His goal is simply to kill the man who killed his family.

I believe this film was originally to air in September of 2001 but was held back after the 9 11 attacks.  The producers thought it was to soon to air a movie with the all to familiar similarities of terrorist activities.  I thought this film was good, thank goodness the film makers didn’t opt for mid eastern terrorist and went with the Colombian kind!  The story was good, what man wouldn’t want to go and hunt down the person responsible for killing his family, I know I wouldn’t rest until I did!  Arnie was still in great form as the action hero and did a great job.  The story is not totally new though, we have seen this kind of premise before.  The action was good along with the scenery so the end result was a good film.  I was not totally blown away by it like other Arnie films but it was not unlikable, just not his strongest film.  It’s good for a one time watch or even a second if it happens to be on tv.  Going through my box of dvd’s I found this one among several other good action films (soon to be reviewed) so I gave it a go.  You should to, its not bad.