Dante’s Peak

Dante’s Peak, 1997 film starring Pierce BrosnanLinda Hamilton and Jamie Renée Smith.  Pretty decent story of what happens when you build a town at the base of a volcano!

Brosnan plays Harry Dalton, a member of the US geological survey who knows volcanoes.  He is sent to a town called Dante’s Peak where he studies results of tests from what is supposed to be a dormant volcano.  He quickly realizes that it is not dormant and is getting ready for a major blow.  His task is to convince the town, through mayor Wando (Hamilton) to evacuate before it’s too late, the result…not quite in time!!

For some reason this film only averaged a five out of ten on most big sites and I can not figure out why.  It was full of good effects.  There were not a lot of good action films in the 90’s and cgi was still young but this film nailed it in the eruption sequences.  It was very realistic visually and the story was not only plausible but has actually happened before and since.  The acting was great, Brosnan was good, Hamilton was pretty good but the supporting cast really helped sell it such as Charles Hallahan, Grant Heslov and Kirk Trutner.  Not only was it a great action film it also makes you wonder why we build thing in these locations!  I mean, it will eventually happen right?  Any way, I am giving this a four out of five and not going with the critics here.  If you haven’t seen it because of it’s ratings you were mislead, watch it, it’s worth your time.

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