Days Of Thunder

Days Of Thunder, 1990 film starring  Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall and Randy Quaid.  One of my favorite Nascar themed films.

Young hot shot driver Cole Trickle (Cruise) finally gets a chance at the big times, Nascar Winston Cup Racing.  He has a hot temper though and that gets him into big trouble.  Not only does it spark rivalries on track but off as well, even in his own team.  Harry Hogge (Duvall) is his crew chief who tries to keep the team winning and Cole’s temper down but does not always work.

From crashes to big wins this film gives us a lot.  To me, the eighties and nineties Nascar racing was the best the sport was.  It was fun to watch, dangerous and super exciting, all at the same time.  This film gave us a glimpse of that life.

In those days Cruise was young and not nearly as full of himself as he can be today.  Bobby D, well you just can’t go wrong when you add him to your line up, he gives us the big ole redneck spin on it that was indicative with racing at the time.  Even if you didn’t like Cruise at the time you couldn’t not like this film.

The story was good, sort of a glimpse into what makes a race car driver and the dangerous nature of the job.  Of course they had to throw a love story into it as well, enter Kidman who was a hard nose doctor at the start then cheering on race fan at the end.  Good entertainment all around, one which I have seen now several times.  Fun stuff.