Death Wish

Death Wish, 2018 film starring Bruce WillisVincent D’Onofrio and Elisabeth Shue.  Absolutely entertaining Willis film.  From beginning to end I was into this film.

It’s about Dr. Paul Kersey, a trauma sergeon in Chicago.  The city is going through a huge wave of gun violence and robberies.  Now it’s his families turn.  While he was at work his home is robbed at gunpoint with the result of his wife’s death and and daughter in a coma.  After waiting for the police to come through and failing Paul (Willis) begins taking the law into his own hands.

Very well made film.  Not for the timid, the is a lot of violence and gore, but then what do you expect in a Bruce Willis film.  I was engaged with the story, very well written and made.  Willis is back in form and I found myself cheering for him even though he was essentially breaking the law himself.  This is a good watch, you won’t be disappointing in it.  For now, it goes on my ‘Watch Again’ list.

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