Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon, 2016 film starring Mark WahlbergKurt RussellDouglas M. Griffin and more.  Fantastic recreation of America’s worst oil spill in their history.

It’s the story of the off shore BP oil drilling rig ‘Deepwater Horizon’ that in 2010 exploded and spilled over 4.9 million barrels of oil before it was contained.  It focuses on the lives of several crew members and also shows us how the explosion happened through mistakes made by, not just the crew but more importantly the BP executives that were on board running the show.

I though the film was very good, I knew about it happening as did everyone but none of us were privy to the how’s and why’s.  This film shows that.  Though a lot of it may have been technically confusing to most of us I took out of it who was responsible.  The film also showed us the courage and determination of the crew to get everyone out, though sadly in the end killed 11 workers.  I think the film makers tried to give (and show us) as many of the facts while trying to balance the entertainment value as well.  The acting was good of course, you had some very powerful actors in the line up.  The cgi was very good, recreating an entire oil rig exploding and burning while people jumped for their live between the flames.  In all, this was a very entertaining film and it was also very educational as well, showing us that, while accidents happen, the big corporations make mistakes in their quest for money.  This is definitely a film worth watching and more than once at that.