Enemy Of The State

Enemy Of The State, 1998 film starring  Will Smith, Gene Hackman and Jon Voight.  Is this possibly where the country has already gone?  They have the technology!

Robert Dean (Smith) is just a lawyer going about his business of pissing off mob bosses and union reps.  It’s near Christmas so he stops in a shop on his way home to buy his wife a present.  While in there he runs across someone he used to know who seemed to be upset, in a hurry and scared.  Unknowingly the man dumps a game cartridge into his shopping bag, a cartridge that contains a video that will change his life.  A video that shows one politician having another politician killed.  A video that the killer, Thomas Reynolds (Voight) and his team of NSA agents have to get back by any means or his surveillance project will be discovered.  With the help of Brill (Hackman), an ex NSA agent in hiding, they must evade the NSA and find a way to publicize what they know.

This was a very good film to watch.  Everything that takes place in this film is truly feasible and could, if not already has, happen.  Conspiracy theorists must have loved this movie as it would have justified all there ideas.  Just a movie though right?  Well, all that remains to be seen which we will likely never find out.  Now, this film, was made in 98 so a lot of the tech they used did not fully exist but… wait… it does now!!  There are cameras every where in public and even facebook uses facial recognition software now!  Cell phones are easily clone-able and hack-able these days so who knows who is listening…right??

As an entertaining film though, this had it all.  It was filled with great action, great chases and huge explosions.  Smith and Hackman worked very well together.  The film made you think as well as keep you on the edge of your seat.  Smith was so good at portraying a man who seemingly had everything he wanted then have it all taken away.  Money, family and work…all gone!   The acting throughout was great by all.  Supporting actors in this film included Scott Caan, Barry Pepper, Regina King and Lisa Bonet and they all contributed just as much to make this film a success.

In conclusion, this is definitely a watch again film and one that we can compare to real time and learn from…I said that last part quietly because I don’t want them to hear me!!!



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