Executive Decision

Executive Decision, 1996 film starring Kurt Russell, Halle Berry, Steven Seagal, Oliver Platt and John Leguizamo.  High flying terrorism.

Terrorists take over a 747 bound for Washington D.C. and demand the release of their leader Jaffa (played by Andreas Katsulas).  Or so it seams.  Intelligence expert David Grant (Russell) convinces the military that the plane should not be allowed in US air space as the plane is carrying a bomb on it that can spread a chemical weapon and kill millions.  It is decided to send a team of military anti-terrorists to assault the plane, diffuse the bomb and get the terrorists before it can get too close.

Not sure why Seagal was top billed for this, he was only in it for ten minutes or so!  I am also not sure if the military could pull of a mid air transfer of people like this film did. (Though the military does not always share what it can do with us!)  Putting that aside it was a great action flick even though it took place on an airplane.  Hey, if someone can lose a child on a plane the military can easily do this!!

The acting was pretty good all around, yes, even by Halle Berry!  I love Russell.  He can be a comedian, an action star all the way to a space warrior in many, many films.  He knows what he is doing and always convinces us of his character.  It is funny how a lot of these pre 9 11 films foresaw this type of future terrorism.  Or maybe that is how they (the terrorists) decided to do what they have done, get all their ideas from films!

The writing was decent, the story was very plausible except for the plane to plane transfer.  They use a modified stealth plane which there is no way it could fit that many people and equipment in.  The only other bad part was their alternate versions where they (the film makers) decided to dub out the words “Allah” and “infidel” and have them replaced by “God” and “enemy” so as not to offend the Muslims!  Give me a break, the world is way to sensitive.  It’s a film!  (I could go on with this rant but I don’t want to offend anyone … see, even I’m doing it!)

Over all this was a definite watch more than once film.  You will like the story, the action and the ending.  Great stuff.