Flight Of The Intruder

Flight Of The Intruder, 1991 film starring  Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe, Brad Johnson and Tom Sizemore.  During the Vietnam war the U.S. Navy unleashes the A-6 Intruder bombers.

Jake (Johnson) aka “Cool Hand” looses his bombardier in a raid that struck no substantial targets.  He begins to question the purpose behind these bombing runs as they actually produce no gains and only losses to life.  His new bombardier Virgil (Dafoe) and he decide to take matters into their own hands by attacking ‘Sam City’ (Hanoi), and area that has been deemed restricted to bomb runs or attacks but house most of the North Vietnam strength.  Their attack brings a measure of success but also trouble from above!

Very good war film that I had not seen before.  Glover was typical Glover in the nineties, a very good actor in these types of films.  Dafoe of course loved to do these types of films and himself was good at it.  I did like Johnson in this to, he was very good and played the part very well.  The story here was to help get out the word of the pilots behind the bombers and I think they did a great job.  Imagine flying in a war to drop your bombs and your plane has absolutely no defensive weapons!  These guys were either nuts or very brave.

There was not much CGI that I noticed but very good special effects.  Yes, there is a difference.  There was a good amount of action in it to keep me interested and even a sort of love story with Jake meeting Callie (Rosanna Arquette) but id did not deflect from the action and the war.  This film meets my criteria for a ‘Watch Again’ film, it was really well made.