Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer, 2018 film starring  Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman and Common.  World War Three almost begins underwater!!

Something is happening in Russia!  First, a Russian Akula-class sub is destroyed in the high Arctic.  Two minutes later a US sub that had been shadowing the sub is destroyed.  In Scotland, Commander Joe Glass (Butler) is given command of the US Hunter Killer sub the USS Arkansas and his first mission.  Head to the area where the two subs went down and investigate.  Once there they soon discover a rouge Russian sub that had obviously taken out the two other subs.

All while this is happening a Navy Seal team is sent to Polyarny, the center of Naval activity in Russia, to try and recon the area and find out what the Russian Navy build up is about.  Horrifyingly it is soon discovered that Russian defense minister Dmitri Durov is staging a coup, taken Russian President Zakarin prisoner and is preparing to start world war three.

Glass and his sub along with the Seal team are given new orders, to get the Russian President out alive and stop the impending war.

Quite the plot but this film came off great to me.  A lot of folks actually haven’t heard of this film because it just didn’t advertise enough and I don’t even recall it being mentioned in the Golden Globes.  It’s fantastic though.  I know it’s another ‘brink of war’ film but this time it takes place in the part of the world you would not expect, Russia.  It also takes place a lot underwater which can be a bit hard to see at times but the CGI was pretty good.

The action is very well done and there is lots of it.  The underwater sub chasing sub scenes were good and the action at the Russian base was well put together.  The seamlessly integrated CGI missiles launching and hitting targets with real structures and people.  The acting was ok but the film centered more on the chase so they couldn’t really go wrong.

I think this is a highly under-rated film.  I checked the ratings it has gotten and they are quite mixed.  Some love it and the action but others are really hard on it.  Calling it unrealistic etc.  Guess what though, most films are not real, they are made for entertainment purposes and that is what I got out of this one.  A film that I sat and enjoyed from start to finish and one that I would definitely watch again.  What more could you ask!