John Wick : Chapter 2

John Wick : Chapter 2, 2017 film starring Keanu Reeves, Riccardo Scamarcio and Ian McShane.  This is  the first sequel to John Wick and takes place right where the last one finished.  John and his new dog are finally back to his house after the ordeal in chapter one.  The next morning another criminal element from his past knocks on his door and figures that now Wick is back in the game he will call up the marker that Wick owes him.  Of course John says no, he is retired.  Not a good answer and the man burns his house down completely.

Well, we all know what that leads too, revenge.  After consulting a crime lord John is forced to obey the rules of conduct for the crime world and must answer his marker, this does not mean that when he is done he can not turn his attentions to the man who destroyed his home.

Another well made sequel and yes, there will be at least one more.  Reeves is solid and so is the supporting cast.  Like the first, the producers love those cgi head shots during gun battles, and there are many.  Fun to watch but again, gruesome if you are not into a lot of killing scenes.


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