Jumper, 2008 film starring Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Bell.  He doesn’t need Scotty to beam up in this action sc-fi flick.

A young teenager named David (Christensen) gets into a high stress situation in high school and is suddenly and physically transported to his local library!  He soon realizes that he has the ability to transport himself anywhere on the Earth he wants so he moves out and tries to hone his skills.  Years pass and life is good but he soon stumbles into the middle of the war against his kind that has been raging for centuries.  A group called the Paladins have been hunting and killing the Jumpers and vow to extinguish them all, led by Roland (Jackson).  They use any necessary means to get the Jumpers, even kidnapping and killing all friends and family members.  Time is running out for David as he is now in the sites of the Paladins.

Well, it started off good.  The introduction to the boy’s abilities was good and the idea was pretty intriguing.  It did however detract from the film the fact that our main character was essentially a crook, at least it did for me.  There were no real hero’s in this film, just bad guy running from really bad guy.  It was said to be a centuries old war but we were never really given the proper back story.  How did Jumpers become to be and why did these Paladins start such a war.  All good questions that were not answered.

The acting was just standard good but the CGI used was nice, there were some great chase and action scenes that were enjoyable.  Over all though, the premise was good but they took it in the wrong direction.  It could have been so much more.  It will not sit on my watch again shelf unfortunately but it was still ok to watch the once.