Live Free Or Die Hard

Live Free Or Die Hard, 2007 film starring  Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant.  Round four poor John McClane and the last believable story for the franchise!

John McClane (Willis) and young computer hacker Matthew (Long) join forces to stop crazed super cyber terrorist Thomas Gabriel (Olyphant) from virtually turning the US into the middle ages.  With Gabriel shutting down streets, power plants and computer systems around the country the two have limited time to get the bad guys.  To top it off Gabriel finds out who McClane is and that he has a daughter!!!

I give this film a four simply because the action was stupendous and the story pretty good.  I liked all the actors, they did a great job.  Loved how Olyphant portrayed the evil criminal, very believable.  I know I have said in past reviews of the Die Hard series that they were going down hill in quality.  Well, this one boosted it back up a little bit but definitely the last good one.  I will give you my opinion on ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ at another time, lots to say on that one.

The film is filled with lots of action, killing and great crashes and smashes!  They have lost the Christmas time theme aspect of the series but all that does is turn this into a good old action hero movie.  Nothing wrong with that.  Now most of the Die Hard series was rated R because of the violence and language but this one was scaled down to a PG13 rating to bring in the younger crowd.  I have not seen that version, just the unrated version because I can’t watch Willis hurt people without him telling them just what he thinks.

A great watch though and yes, I will likely see it again one day when I get bored.



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