London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen, 2016 film starring  Gerard ButlerAaron EckhartMorgan Freeman and more.  In the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, the terrorist this time try to kill off all heads of state while they attend the funeral for the British Prime Minister.  Masking as cops, the terrorists infiltrate very quickly and London shuts down.  The only leaders to survive are the new British PM and of course the President of the United States.  (Their actual target)

Banning (Butler) tries to get the President out by helicopter, didn’t work.  By using the MI6, again didn’t work.  He tries everything until he loses the President so he arms up and heads into downtown terroristville. (I know, not a real word)  He takes the fight to them.

CGI was visually stunning as major London landmarks were blown up.  Lots of useless killing but I guess in the real world terrorists don’t care who they kill.  I enjoyed this film and actually hope the spin out a third but who knows.  Worthy of a watch again collection, it’s in mine.

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