Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising, 1998 film starring  Bruce Willis, Miko Hughes and Alec Baldwin.  Great Willis film that I had never seen till now!

Simon Lynch (Hughes) is an autistic, 9 year old boy who is given a puzzle book.  In it he see’s code and deciphers it which turns out to be an NSA top secret, unbreakable code.  The boy inadvertently lets the NSA know what he did.  Now, the head of the project Nick Kudrow (Baldwin) what the boy and his family wiped out so that no one can know the code.  Art Jeffries (Willis) is an FBI agent who is marred with issues that sent him down from undercover to street level work when he is asked to help find a kid from a murder/suicide situation.  He finds the boy and soon discovers the real story and decides that it must get out and to keep the boy from being killed at all costs.

Going through my sisters collection of dvd’s I saw this title and realized I had not seen this one.  Some sites don’t give this film a good score but I will.  It was a great story with plenty of action.  It gives light to the fact that though autism can be debilitating to a child they are also very smart.  They just can’t show it the way we do.

As an action/thriller this film was really good.  The kind of great stuff Willis can do so well.  Baldwin plays a decent villain with no heart.  It does contain some flaws like how the code got into a published puzzle book and they did sort of explain that part but not very well.  Though this film is now 21 years old I was as entertained with it, almost like it had just come out.  To me it kind of did as I had never heard of it.  I will have to go through friends and families collections more often, I may find more gems there.

Great film for Willis fans and anyone else who likes a good story mixed with action.