Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible, 1996 film starring  Tom Cruise, Jon Voight and Emmanuelle Béart.  Based on the hit Tv series and first of many of the impossible films.

Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is a US spy who is deemed disloyal and is being hunted.  He must go it alone to try and find out who set him up and clear his name.

Great action film by Cruise and the first of many.  He is the master of disguise, action and heroism.  Well at least that’s what all the flyers said about it but he was good, no doubt about it.  The action was right out of the gate.  The story , though taken from the sixties, was pretty good with a lot of nice action and CGI.  Cruise was on his game in this one and according to reports did many of his own stunts.  For me, that is a plus in his favor but it may catch up with him in the future.  I have always enjoyed Voight in films, he never disappoints at all.   I know they were going for the ultra modern version of James Bond (From a US perspective) but we all know he wasn’t 007.  That being said it did not take away from the film, it was very entertaining.  The mix of humor and seriousness was good, the scenery was terrific, in all, you couldn’t have a better action/spy film, well, until the next one of course.  Good job, on to MI2.