National Treasure

National Treasure, 2004 film starring  Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Sean Bean and John Voight.  Entertaining action flick about some of America’s deepest secrets.

Historian Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) has been looking for what he believes is the forefathers’ secret treasure, buried a long time a go by the Knights Templar and the Free Mason’s.  He must sink as low as to steal the original declaration of independence as he believes it contains clues to the where about’s.  This sets off the FBI looking for him as well as Ian Howe (Bean) who had been financially backing Gates and now wants all the treasure.  The result is an excellent action/mystery film that was a pleasure to watch.

This was a good and entertaining film.  Made while Cage was still an A list actor. (sorry, he has gone down hill since).  It brings a fresh take to the age old mystery of the Templar treasure, which some believe actually exists somewhere.  Sure, why not in America somewhere?  They intertwined the Free Mason’s with the Templar’s to make it a believable story.  Bartha was good as Riley and Harvey Keitel was fantastic as Sadusky, the agent charged with finding Gates.  I actually consider him among the greats!  I am sure everyone must have seen this one by now but if you haven’t you have missed out.  It’s on my watch again list and I have now seen this film three times.  Excellent work.