Next, 2007 film starring  Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel.  Seeing a glimpse into your future is not all that it’s cracked up to be!

A low key Vegas magician who can see into his own future is pursued by an FBI agent who needs his style of help to prevent a catastrophe.  Problem is, he can only see two minutes into the future and only his future at that.  One day he see’s a woman in his future, one he feels a deep connection with, who seem’s to expand the time in his future he can see.  He agrees to help the FBI only after the woman is taken by the people the FBI is hunting.  Now he must look as far as he can to not only save the girl but to stop a nuclear bomb from going off.

Mixed reviews on this one from a lot of sites, even from me really.  I mean Cage was good in this one.  Like I have said in previous posts, Cage was good up until around 2010 then for some reason he started taking on B movies that just ruined his reputation.  The film was good, plenty of action but there seemed to be a lot of holes in the story, especially when he started seeing way more than two minutes.  The story itself was a good one, a rather original plot I thought but written or re-written too quickly.  CGI was good when required but not needed too much.  Moore is a great actress and I thought she did very well, same with Biel.

Scenery was very good especially in the canyon and around the Nevada area. (an area I love to visit)  Over all, this was a good watch but not like high on the ‘watch again’ shelf for many of us.  I really wish Cage would get it together and do another good action film.  If you haven’t seen this one I would recommend it.