Red Dawn 2012

Red Dawn, 2012 film starring Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Josh Hutcherson and Josh Peck.  Remake of the timeless classic Swayze film from 1984.

Dawn breaks in Spokane, Washington to thousands of troops parachuting down beginning world war three.  Two brothers and as many as their pickup can carry escape to the hills where they decide that they must fight back, make it hard for the invaders until the government can strike back.  Along the way they pick up more people and lose some.  The ‘Wolverines’ are now on the move.

Well, there are mixed reviews on this film.  I thought it was a pretty good, updated version of the original.  In this version the kids are fighting the North Koreans backed by the Russians.  The writers did keep many of the character names the same as the original, even the name ‘Wolverines’  Now in this updated version CGI was used throughout which kind of gave it a more powerful look to it.  The story was basically the same but the writers did manage to give us a view into the world’s condition at the time that brought about the invasion.  They did stay fairly true to the original while stile throwing in subtle changes to make it their own.  Not a big fan of what happened to the Jed character but was bound to happen.  The acting was good all around giving this a good mark, not sure why some people gave it super low marks, I guess some people think these things are real and not entertainment.  Good movie, will see it again some day but I still prefer the original.