Red Dawn

Red Dawn, 1984 film starring Patrick SwayzeC. Thomas HowellLea Thompson, Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey.  As a young teen when this came out it was our biggest fear, the cold war turning hot!

A group of teenagers band together at the onset of world war three in middle America.  As the Russians and Cubans begin their takeover the group heads the the mountains to hide.  They teach themselves to fight back and become the occupying forces worst nightmare.  As a guerrilla force the ‘Wolverines’ , as they became known, were causing so much trouble the Russians sent in Strelnikov (William Smith) to eradicate their problem.

Excellent Swayze film from the early eighties.  When I was growing up in the seventies to early eighties our biggest fear was nuclear war with Russia and the entertainment industry then feed off those fears.  With such films as The Day After, Wargames and this one the young male population couldn’t go to sleep at night without wondering if this would be ‘it’.  This film also captured the hearts of all North American teenage boys as we all said we would do exactly what the Wolverines did.

The entire cast did a fantastic job on this movie.  To see Howell’s character go from innocent teenage boy to a soldier who does not flinch when he kills, great acting.  The leaders, the brothers were played by Swayze and Sheen and did an awesome job.  Even the supporting cast was filled with some huge names such as Harry Dean Stanton and Powers Boothe.  The story was great and unique for the eighties.  Combine the story with this cast and the remarkable scenery (primarily New Mexico) and you have a winner.  I have seen this film many times now and will continue to re-visit it from time to time.  I give this film a five star rating because of the actors and everything else I have mentioned.  This film will stand the test of time for a long time.

Production Credits;

  • United Artists
  • Valkyrie Films