Reprisal, 2018 film starring  Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo and Johnathon Schaech.  Violent bank heist brings Willis out of the wood work.

Bank manager Jacob (Grillo) can’t keep the violence from a recent bank robbery out of his head.  Cops are getting nowhere and he continues to obsess.  With the help of his neighbor, ex cop James (Willis) they investigate the crime on their own and begin to make headway.  The investigation ends up with them finding the guy responsible where a huge blowout ensues near the end.

This was an ok film, not super great but then again Willis was not the focus in this film.  The acting (other than Willis) was mediocre at best and I wasn’t super impressed.  The story was good but I don’t think it deserved an A rating for the film.  The direction was just not there and I didn’t like the camera shake effect they used, it was annoying.  If they would have centered more on Willis’s character and having him in the thick of things, well then I think this may have been something.  Just not a good job by the direction and filming, you have to do much better in the future or you will lose credibility.  I will go three on this because I like Willis.  Remember Brian A Miller (director), the world has the internet and when people don’t like something it goes everywhere.  Sometime it’s hard to recover from a Viral Flogging so be careful in the future.