San Andreas

San Andreas, 2015 film starring Dwayne JohnsonCarla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario.  So much destruction, so much CGI but…Wow.

Johnson plays Ray, a rescue chopper pilot.  He is flying over the city when the big one hits and imediately flys over to where his ex wife is and rescues her. (He obviously still loves her!)  From there they must find their daughter who is stuck in San Francisco when it hit, rescue her and her two friends.

Knowing me one would think I  would trash this one as another brainless cgi film with the rock!  No, not this time.  I quite enjoyed this one as it had a good story in it.  Sure, you were be-raged constantly with cgi of the cities crumbling around them but this was about a huge earthquake with destructive power.  The cgi in this clearly did it justice.  The Rock actually showed emotion in his acting in this one and I felt it, he made his character real and believable in this one.  The critics were not to kind to this one, barely getting above five on Imdb and other sites but I think they are wrong on this one.  If you watch your movies on a big tv with a great sound system then you will enjoy this one, heck, you will enjoy it anyway.  This was a great action film with nothing but after the big one hit.  Good job by all, will watch again.