Shooter, 2007 film starring Mark WahlbergMichael PeñaRhona Mitra and Danny Glover.  Bad meets good through the far away eyes of a sniper scope!

Retired, ex marine marksman Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg) who lives in self made exile is approached by Colonel Johnson (Glover) to help him figure out who may be behind an upcoming attempt on the president’s life.  He agrees and  quickly discovers that he has been set up.  The hunt is on, as the country tries to find and capture him, Swagger must find and uncover those actually responsible.

Fantastic action film, filled with conspiracy, greedy politicians and guns!  From a mile away!!  Wow, how can we walk around now knowing that someone could actually take the contents out of a sealed can with one bullet from a mile away!!  Wahlberg is a great actor, he makes you believe in his character and he knows how to fight.  The story in this film was very good and I am sure that a sniper could actually do this in real life.  Do we really believe that a senator could actually do what this one does, hmmm… naw!  The visuals were great and all the actors did a fine job, very convincing.  This is the kind of film that is not hard make look great if you get the right people in it.  It is the kind of film that you find yourself glued to because the story is moving at a good pace and taking that pee break may cause you to miss something important.  Definitely a ‘Watch Again’ film, I have now several times and continue to enjoy every time.