Skyscraper, 2018 film starring Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell and Chin Han.  The action takes on epic heights in this new Rock film.

Will Sawyer (Johnson) is a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran who lost a leg in his last rescue.  He is now a security expert who just took on a big job.  He works for Zhao Long Ji (Han), billionaire sky rise builder.  Now the worlds tallest building is on fire and Will is being framed for it.  Add to that his wife and two kids are trapped mid way up in the burning building.  He must fight the odds and get into the building and save his family.

This is a very nice, action packed, CGI packed film that anyone would like.  The story is great, not full original but great.  I went into this film thinking I would be watching an updated Die Hard but no, it wasn’t at all.  The bad guys were working for a mob who wanted a device from the billionaire owner not just a simple robbery.  The CGI was impressive, they made the Rock look like he really had a prosthetic leg and I kept looking at it during action scenes to see if they made a mistake on it somewhere.  This day and age you can’t go wrong putting Dwayne Johnson in a film, guaranteed to make you some money!  The acting all around was great.  There were a few inconsistencies such as the fact that a billionaire has poured his life and fortune into the structure  why would he hand over full control of it to an outside contractor on his tablet but you overlook things like that because the film is good.  It was faced paced, not boring.  We are introduced to the characters fairly quickly and the story moved along from there.  I think you will all be entertained with this one, I certainly was.  Great Job.