Sudden Death

Sudden Death, 1995 film starring Jean-Claude Van DammePowers Boothe and Raymond J. Barry.  Jean-Claude needs to ice the bad guys in this action flick.

A former fireman who now works for the arena takes his two kids there for the game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.  At the same time a group of terrorists take the Vice President and his group hostage in the private booth demanding the President authorize the movement of millions of dollars to their accounts.  One hostage will be killed at the end of every period if the money is not transferred.  The former fireman, Darren becomes involved when his daughter inadvertently stumbles upon the crime.  Now he must work to diffuse all the bombs and rescue his little girl.

For the 90’s this film was ok.  From the mid eighties to the mid nineties were Van Damme’s claim to fame and he did make a half decent action star.  In this film the fighting scenes were ok but the cgi was a little rough.  They had to use a real helicopter at the end that crashes into the ice but it all looked fake.  It was quite obvious they used a crane and slowly brought the copter down.  They should have sped up those scenes to make it look more real, instead the used slow-mo.  Powers Boothe, a great actor, did a great job here as the bad guy.  The story was very good, back in the nineties stories like this, terrorists etc were still new and exciting to see.  Overall, not a bad film but one that I likely will not see again.