Tank, 1984 film starring  James Garner, Shirley Jones, C. Thomas Howell and Jenilee Harrison.  Sheriff should never have picked on a man that owns his own Sherman Tank!

Sergeant Major Zack (Garner) reports to his final posting in Clemens, Georgia before he retires from the army.  His wife LaDonna (Jones) and son Billy (Howell)settle down to normal life at an army base when Zack gets into a fight at a local bar defending a known prostitute and ends up beating the crap out of a deputy.  The sheriff, an abusive, power hungry corrupt man doesn’t like what happened and takes it as an assault on him.  He wants revenge but can not get it from Zack so he frames his son and sends him off to a hard labor camp.  Nothing Zack can do or pay will appease the sheriff so he fires up his Sherman tank and goes and rescues his son, leaving havoc and destruction behind.

I remember seeing this when it first came out, I was still a young lad and thought it was a fun movie.  Garner was a fantastic actor and always played well.  The rest of the cast, though they were only in it shortly, did a great job and made this film a re-watchable delight.  James Cromwell was the deputy and he was his usual great acting self.

The story, though not plausible these days, was pretty good and fresh (for the eighties).  The idea was the character was not running from the law but rather running to the law, an honest law in a different state that was not run by corrupt officials.  I enjoyed seeing this again and was entertained nicely.  I may not see it again but I am glad I saw it.  It was made back in the day of fun movies.  It is good to look back at older movies and reminisce of the good old days.