The Commuter

The Commuter, 2018 film starring Liam NeesonVera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.  Not Neeson’s best action film I have seen.

Michael MacCauley (Neeson), an ex cop turned salesman gets fired from his job at sixty years old and ponders a bleak future for his family, with two mortgages and a son needing money for university.  After having a few beers with his old partner Murphy (Wilson) who he tells all to, MacCauley catches his regular daily commuter train home where he would have to explain everything to his wife.

While sitting on the train a strange women sits with him and offers him a hundred thousand dollars to find a person on the train that doesn’t belong and tag him/her with a gps locator.  She says he will find twenty five thousand in a bathroom and he will get the rest when the job is done.  At the very next stop she gets up and leaves the train, our hero Michael decides to check out the bathroom as he still thinks it is a huge gag.  After finding the money he realizes that it is no gag.  Soon he realizes that not only is it real but there are eyes on him all the time and because he took the money they expect him to complete the task.

I wont give more away as you should see this movie once.  I don’t think it was one of Neeson’s best choices of films.  The story was ok I guess and the only real action was near the end.  You can see that Neeson is getting older in life and is not as quick as he used to be.  I still like the actor but his action film days are behind him.  Good movie to watch once but that’s it.

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