The Hurricane Heist

The Hurricane Heist, 2018 film starring  Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace and Ryan Kwanten.  Well (he says shacking his head), even in disasters someone is trying to rip someone off!

Thieves take over the US Treasury during one of the worst hurricanes on record.  Two brothers and one lone officer who managed to evade capture by the crooks must find a way to stop this heist from happening amidst staying alive through the storm.

I felt like I was watching another version of Twister only with a hurricane.  It started much the same way.  CGI was good but I have many issues with other parts, like the skull face in the clouds, come on.  Their use of technology for storm chasing and predicting has been used so much, nothing new.  There were also many inconsistencies in this film, I drive transports for a living and I have yet to see one where they place the air horn on the passenger side!!  There is also their shameless use of advertising, namely apple, they went out of their way to make you see the logo so many times.

The story was ok, plausible I guess, the acting wasn’t bad but it did not hit the blockbuster movie status, by a long shot.  A couple of big names may have propelled this film to a higher level.  Now, I did get into it after a while, only because the chase scenes were good and the hero’s ordeal to save the money was good.  Not a great movie, defiantly not a watch twice film.