The Last Stand

The Last Stand, 2013 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker and Johnny Knoxville.  Arny brings down the Mexican drug lord in this fast paced action packed film.

Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger),a small town sheriff on the border of the US and Mexico in Arizona gets word that the boss of a Mexican drug ring has broken free of US authorities and is heading his way to make his escape back to Mexico.  It’s up to the sheriff and his inexperienced deputies to save the town and get the bad guy.

Great movie, Arnie reprises his role as the ultimate action hero.  I found this film moved along at a good pace, we got the small town’s background and the drug kings story relatively quickly.  The story was a good one, imaginative yet plausible though there was a lot of unnecessary and senseless killing.  Not a good film for the young ones though, a lot of blood and death.  Arnold played a very good role, an aging cop who, when it came down to it could show off his talents as a hero.

The supporting cast was great, I loved it when the old gal shot one of the mercenaries just before he was about to shoot the sheriff, Arnie turned around, looked at the dead guy then at her and just said “Obliged”.  Typical Arnold humor is these action films.  Over all, this is a very good action film and well worth your time.  Who knows how many more we can get out of Arnold so lets enjoy em,  Very Entertaining!