The Rock

The Rock, 1996 film starring Sean ConneryNicolas Cage and Ed Harris. Superb action flick with peak performances by Connery and Cage.

A rouge squadron of military hero’s take over Alcatraz Island after they steal some hard core chemical weapons.  They aim the missiles at San Francisco and demand money from the government not to fire them.  An FBI chemist (played by Cage as   Stanley Goodspeed) who has never seen action and an imprisoned British agent  played by Connery as Mason) sneak onto the island intent on disarming all the missiles so the government can go in and finish them.

Lots of shooting, killing and great action follow them as they try to stop the mercenaries.  This was a good film and Connery and Cage, I think, were in their prime here as actors.  The story was good and the action was great.  Ed Harris played a pretty good bad guy in this one.  The casting was spot on for this.  I have watched this more than once now and probably will again in the future.  Good job.