The Siege

The Siege, 1998 film starring  Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Annette Bening and Tony Shalhoub.  Two great action stars together, what could be better!

After the U.S. abducts a suspected terrorist leader it brings on a wave of terror attacks in New York city.  Denzel is the FBI agent in charge and must figure out what is going on and stop it before it gets worse.  With the help of CIA operative Elise Kraft (Bening) it is realized it’s bigger than they thought with multiple terror cells working.  When one is taken out another steps in and escalates it further.  As each cell is called up and the violence worsens the government steps in and declares martial law on the city, putting General William Devereaux (Willis) in charge.  Now things only get worse and time is ticking away…

It was nice to see the twin towers in the scenery of this film but also concerning that the thoughts of terrorist activity in New York was in the works even back then.  I know it has become a norm these days but in the nineties it was still new and terrifying.  There are a lot of things they got right about terrorists in this pre-9/11 film which tells me the agencies that be may have also known more than they let on.  Conjecture aside this film was filled with action and suspense.  Denzel always plays a great agent or cop and I love the way he pours his all into his roles.  The same goes for one of my all time action stars Bruce Willis however his presence in this film is not around till over half way.

Bening was ok in her role but I think the producers could have chosen better, not to diminish her status as a great actor but I didn’t fully get her as a member of the team in this one.  The story was good and maybe a little preemptive of incidents to come in real life.  (Hell, I’m sure films like this give them the ideas!)  It was a good, faced paced film that required your thought as well.  I like a film where I feel I am part of the reason they come to the conclusions they do.  A good watch and yes, possibly a repeat watch some time again.



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