The Sum Of All Fears

The Sum Of All Fears, 2002 film starring Ben AffleckMorgan Freeman and James Cromwell.  Fascism finds a nuke!, yes, could be one of the worlds bigger fears. Tom Clancy at his best.

Jack Ryan (Affleck), a CIA analyst is thrust into action when he puts together a terrifying puzzle.  Neo Nazi’s have come across an older nuclear bomb and plan to use it, but not as a direct attack, they will manipulate the Russian Federation and the United States into a conflict that they hope will annihilate both countries.  Then they can take over.

This was a well made action thriller, you were in pins and needles throughout.  The story was a great one and the title very fitting, not only for the film but for it’s premise.  Would this be possible in the real world?  I guess the short answer would be yes. (But doubtful by any Nazis!)   One would hope though that it is discovered and dealt with before as it gets as far as it did in this film!!  The acting here was outstanding by everyone involved, top billed and supporting did a fantastic job.  I believed their characters right from the beginning.  The music score, bang on.  When the scenes got tense the background music would heighten and you knew something was about to drastically change.  The CGI was good, nothing super fancy but all the needed was the effects of the bomb and the crashes etc.

I think Tom Clancy was one of the best Military/Spy, thriller writers and has had several turned into outstanding films.  If you are looking for a good military thriller, this will do it.  This was a great way to spend a couple of hours and I will see it again, definitely goes into the ‘Watch Again’ shelf, good job Paramount!