Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider, 2018 film starring Alicia VikanderDominic West and Walton Goggins.  I’m not sure if Hollywood tries to make better versions or if they are just trying to cash in on a title that has sold before!

I wanted to see this as I have been a fan of the game, played it loads of times when I was younger.  As an action film, this was ok, fresh faces and a half decent story but I found the beginning moved slowly.  I know they like to introduce the characters but we all know Lara Croft.  In this version we are introduced to the young Lara (Vikander) who will still not admit that her father has died.  She then discovers his passion and where he went on his last trip and decides to go there in search of the truth.

This story is not like the game and not like the Jolie version.  When you think of Lara Croft you automatically think of Jolie and the two films she made.  That was Tomb Raider, this version doesn’t come close.  The visuals were ok and even the acting was ok but I didn’t buy the bad guy and his gun toting thugs who didn’t seem to care about life.  How do they get off an island that they bill as an inescapable island, the use a helicopter!!  Really, why then didn’t they use that as a way in or out instead of having so many shipwrecks around the island!

I wont trash it completely, like I said, it was a good action film but no Tomb Raider.  Not sure at this point if I would watch it more than once.

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