Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, 2017 Film starring Gal GadotChris PineRobin Wright and more.  I had been waiting years for them to make this.  After seeing modern versions of Superman and the Avengers I knew it wouldn’t be long.

The story starts on a mysterious island that can’t be seen by the outside world.  It is filled with Amazon type women who have been training for years for the final battle with their enemy Ares who they believe will come back.  In an unexpected twist a pilot, Steve Trevor (Pine) crashes on the island after being chased by another pilot from the German side.  After a brief battle with more Germans who were trying to capture Steve Diana (Gadot) learns of the world war that is raging in the outside world.  She packs up, determined to make a difference in human history and save the world, takes Steve to a secret boat and the two head to London.

There she presses Steve to get her into the war so she can stop it and Ares (who she thinks is behind this global war.)  Thus begins the mystery of a ‘Wonder Woman’ who came in and destroyed Germans and helped mankind.  The visuals in this film were very good and the acting by all was well done.  The creators did the name Wonder Woman justice with this film.  This is a must watch again for me.  In fact, when they finish making sequels and Avenger movies etc…(If they ever do!) I will line them up and watch them all again in a chronological order!

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