Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty, 2012 film starring Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler and Chris Pratt.  10 Years came down to this.

The film is basically a chronicling of the ten year hunt for OBL (Bin Laden) since the Sept 11 attacks in the United States.  It centers around Maya (Chastain), a CIA agent working on finding Bin Laden overseas.  The film shows how it started through you use of extreme duress to detainees to the tireless investigating of her and her team which lead to attempts on her life and the deaths of some of the team members.  Once the discovery is made, the seals are sent in.

After watching this one I can say that no wonder it took ten years to find him, and they were lucky at that.  The film was a bit hard to follow at first with different detainees in different areas around the globe but after a while, when the characters were settled in I was able to follow it better.  Chastain did a very good job in this film and Clarke was great, He does look mean and that line, “If you lie, I will hurt you”… he meant it.  The film had it’s fair share of action and intrigue, the combination of the two made it the kind of film that it you had to get up for some reason you would pause it.  CGI was used sparingly in this which I think worked well, I think the film makers wanted to focus on telling the story.

Though this film was very good and entertaining, it was also the chronicling of a true story and not everyone will agree on it.  Some will think that the US were too hard on the detainees which I think the director depicted accurately.  Yes, they were hard on them but in the same token these terrorist pray on the innocent to denote fear.  I like the way this film was done, it did not focus on nor glorify Bin Laden, just to get the job done.  The film makers kept it, I think, a respectful chronicling of a point in human history.