Christmas Inheritance

Christmas Inheritance, 2017 film starring  Eliza Taylor, Jake Lacy and Andie MacDowell.  Tales from the rich.

Ellen Langford (Taylor) stands to inherit her fathers gift company but before she can her father gives her the job of delivering special Christmas cards to the co-founder of the company back in her small hometown.  She has to do it incognito and with only a hundred dollars to get and stay there!  After the bus ride she stops at an inn in her hometown where she hopes to meet Uncle Zeke (Anthony Sherwood as the co-founder) and give him the box of cards.  He is not there and a sudden snowstorm hit that strands her there for days.  She is forced to work for her keep as her money ran out and she is not to tell anyone who she really is.  In the process she finds romance and discovers the true gift of Christmas.

First time seeing this one and I thought it was quite good.  The story was a good one, very enjoyable.  As far as Christmas films go this would be worth seeing once a year.  The love story that develops is very subtle and doesn’t interfere with the main goal of teaching Ellen what Christmas is really about and where she came from.  The acting was pretty good, Taylor was great and so was the great Andie MacDowell, she has always been fabulous.  Everyone else’s acting was not flawless but very good.

No need for fancy CGI or guns or action.  This was a good story coupled with good acting and of course the great time of year, Christmas… you can’t go wrong.  This was a Netflix original, they seem to be in competition with the Hallmark channel which works for us, we get more Christmas movies!!



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