I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas

I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas, 2018 film starring  Regan Burns, Kirrilee Berger and Juliette Angelo.  Now this family is over the top Christmas nuts!!

What would you do if your family was crazy for Christmas, I mean Crazy??  This is the story of a young woman Nicky (Angelo) who meets a boy and invites him and his father home for Christmas.  Nicky finds out though that her boyfriends father hates Christmas because it reminds him of a sad time but her family is absolutely nuts about it!  She tries to spare her boyfriends father the pain of Christmas so she and her friend hire actors to play Nicky’s parents and uses the house next door that she is cat sitting for.  What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

They chose Regan Burns to play Nicky’s real father and they could not have done better.  He was super funny as the crazy Christmas dad.  The story was very good, funny and yet plausible.  We all know someone who is a little too Christmas happy.  Though it’s new this year it was a pretty much average film for the holiday’s.  It was enjoyable and it was funny.  I would probably see it again next year, that is unless something better comes along to knock it off the ‘Watch Again’ shelf.