The Christmas Cure

The Christmas Cure, 2017 film starring  Brooke Nevin, Steve Byers and Patrick Duffy.  There is no cure for Christmas, I love it!!

Busy trauma doctor Vanessa (Nevin) returns to her family home for Christmas only to find that her father Bruce (Duffy) has decided to close his clinic and retire.  A lot of things go through her head, she loves her trauma job and is in fact up for promotion to head doctor but at the same time she knows the value of her small towns family run clinic.  With it closing the people would only have a newly built clinic in town that is definitely not a family run type, just all business!

Boy, Duffy starting to look old now!  Well, not a bad story but a bit predictable.  I started guessing what would happen and was generally right.  Mind you, most Christmas films are predictable, nothing really bad happens in them because it is the time of year people are looking for feel good films.

The acting was ok, the story was ok and the scenery ok… I guess what I am saying is the film was just ok, ordinary, nothing new or exciting.  Still watchable and still well made for a Christmas flick.  I may be getting harsh but I think we have to be.  Lets face it, with Netflix and Hallmark trying to blow up the world with Christmas films there are now so many to choose from so we can be a little more critical.  If you watch this one, you will like it but you may not want it on your ‘Watch Every Christmas’ list.