The Family Man

The Family Man, 2000 film starring  Nicolas Cage, Téa Leoni, Don Cheadle.  A kind of reverse Wonderful Life story.

Jack Campbell (Cage) is a very successful Wall street broker who seems to only care about money and business than anything else.  After a kind dead an Angel gives Jack a Glimpse, a look into a future he could have had.  He goes to bed alone in his apartment on Christmas Eve and wakes up in a Jersey home!!  He’s married to Kate (Leoni), lives in Jersey, has two kids, drives a mini van and sells tires for a living!  After flipping out and disappearing the Angel tells him that he has been given this glimpse and must play it out.  Only then will he be brought back to his reality.  He soon learns the meaning of love and happiness and does not want to give it up.

This was a very touching film but I felt sad for him at the end.  I know he found Kate again but what of the kids?  Though this took place around the Christmas time I felt it was more of a self reflective type film rather than a holiday film. (Though I do watch this one every year)  The story was very good and I did enjoy seeing someone go from a money hungry business man to a father and husband with no real money.  Cage was still a pleasure to watch back then, I have said before that he has gone down hill in the last few years.  Leoni was charming and fun to watch as always.

If you are looking for a feelgood movie then this one would work, it would also work as a Christmas film which is why I have put it in that category.



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