Dr. No

Dr. No, 1962 film starring  Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Bernard Lee and Joseph Wiseman.  Connery as the early, and perhaps best, James Bond.

James Bond (Connery) is sent to Jamaica when a British field off fails to communicate.  with the help of the CIA he faces off with the evil Dr. No who plans to interfere with the American Space program, specificaly the Mercury space program.

My Take, well, you can’t go wrong with James Bond films and you certainly can’t go wrong with Connery.  He has always been a great actor even in this older film.  He has just grown and gotten better since.  As far as Bond films go, this one was just ok but don’t forget what era this came out of and there was no such thing as CGI, just special effects, and they were crude back then.   The story was ok for the time period and I always enjoyed the Bond films as a kid.   The acting all around, well, it’s classic, lets put it that way.

The scenery was great but the entire film was in Jamaica unlike most Bond films that span the globe in one movie.  This film get a four from me because you just can’t make films like this any more.  Watching them again, for me, takes me back to a young boy who lay in front of the tv, elbows on the carpet and hands on cheeks, waiting for a glimpse of a female body part which they were famous for putting in the opening credits and waiting to see what girl(s) Bond gets this time.  Ah, those were the days!