Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun

Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun, also known as Doppelgänger, 1969 film starring Roy ThinnesIan Hendry and Patrick Wymark.  Imagine meeting the person in the mirror!

The European Space Exploration Council discovers a new planet in our solar system.  One that matches every aspect our our planet Earth except it is on the opposite side of the sun, that’s why it was never discovered before.  They launch a mission to visit this new planet which seemingly fails when after only three weeks the spacecraft crashed back on Earth.  Or is it Earth??  The astronaut soon start seeing weird things.

Originally this film was called Doppelgänger, not sure why the name was changed, perhaps the original title gave away too much.  The story in this 1969 film was pretty original back then.  Funny, when you watch it you know you were in the 60’s with all the decor, clothing and even the way the actors went on.  Not to say it was bad, for a UK film back then this was great.  You could tell when they used models for props but they integrated them rather well.  They had practice over there I guess with Thunderbirds and the other puppet shows.  When they were on the planet at the other side, you could tell things were the same…but yet odd.  If you are into classic movies then I would suggest this one, it was very good.