The Long, Long Trailer

The Long, Long Trailer, 1954 film starring Lucille BallDesi Arnaz and Marjorie Main.  Hilarious tale of full time RVing in the fifties.

Newlyweds Nicky (Arnaz) and Tacy (Ball) hop into their car pulling their new home, a long long trailer!  Several disasters happen along the way, including a trip through the mountains that not only nearly destroys their trailer but their marriage as well.

You have to love the team of Ball and Arnaz.  Not only were they a great married couple but they gelled as acting partners as well.  This was made in the hay days of classic, slapstick comedy, The kind you don’t see much of any more.  Hard to believe that that car could pull that huge trailer around!  Visuals were great, back then they used to just attach a camera to the vehicle and go, that’s pretty much what you got.

If you haven’t seen this before, and I hadn’t till now, you have to.  I was laughing from the get go.  Lucille was in the trailers bathroom at one point while Arnaz was driving…funny stuff.  Kidding aside, these two actors made it a success because they knew how.  I only go 4 of 5 because the film makers could have done a wee bit better on the green screening but I’m not complaining.  Had a blast.

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