13 going on 30

13 Going On 30, 2004 film starring Jennifer GarnerMark Ruffalo and Judy Greer.  Same idea as ‘Big’ and ’17 Again’ but with a girl this time.

Garner plays Jenna, who starts as a young girl who is trying to get into the cool club but they just want to make fun of her and they do at her 13th birthday party.  She runs and hides and wishes she was thirty.  The next morning she wakes up as a 30 year old woman living in 5th Ave apartment.

I don’t mind Garner, especially at this stage in her career.  She was funny and her acting was very good.  Ruffalo of course is always good.  I don’t know why he always ends up as a supporting actor because he is talented.  The story however is like the others,  kid wishes he/she was grown up and low an behold their wish is granted.  Nothing will beat the movie ‘Big’ in this respect, the first of a great idea will always be.  Not to say I didn’t like this film, it was a different angle on the same story but it was entertaining.  I may watch this film twice or more but it will be on the part of the shelf that can be replaced by a better one. (Only so much room on those shelves!)

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