American Pie 2

American Pie 2, 2001 film starring  Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott and Shannon Elizabeth.  Hilarious sequel that continues the laughter.

The gang is now in college and summer vacation brings forth a new adventure.  The rent a beach house and start the party!

Again I laughed at this sequel.  Just as funny as the first with even more hi-jinks.  I rolled on the floor when Jim mistook super glue for lubricant!  This was like the first, just good old comedy.  Eugene Levy was again rock solid as Jim’s father and he made the film with his dry humor.  Loved it.  Acting was great by all, the characters just had a blast as young people should.  The writers obviously ran with the success from the first because this was another delight to watch.  I have the whole series on Dvd and will get to the other two eventually but when you need a good solid laugh these films are there.  Most sequels do not measure up but this one does so I am confused why it got some badly negative reviews on other sites.

As far as a plot for this it was just to watch the kids have fun and to hopefully take us back to where we were at that age.  So I say boo hoo to the naysayers, I thought this was fun.